"Don't Blink"
No camera tricks. No edits. No cutaways.

"I was lucky enough to see him perform this right in front of my eyes...just can't figure it out. Amazing!

Mario Casoria, Real Estate Broker,
Coldwell Banker

The Trick That Fooled
Luke Skywalker
As Technical Advisor to TV and Movie productions, he works with some
wonderful actors.

"Mark Hamill was one of the most gracious actors I've met. A delightful man and a pleasure to teach"
(51 secs)

Here's the reason why so many want him to go to Vegas with him​​
Just one regular deck and two skilled hands.

​​Finally, a card/gambling routine to enjoy with a glass of Merlot
Perfectly choregraphed to the exquisite music of Beethoven, this is a routine that has never been performed by anyone else.

Take 5 minutes to de-stress and enjoy.