A Gallery of GIF's

As an unconventional and creative magician, he is often asked about the creative animations he shares on social media.

So, here is a random selection of his magical GIF's, some from his acting work, some with a message, some just for fun. 

You might say, that's how he entertains his audiences. Sometimes with a message,
but always for fun.
"We dont go until he flashes his lights  four  times..".

Frank Trixx "The Trixxter"  coming 2018
Ethereal Cards
Playing Cards,
An everchanging colourful landscape.
The Cardsharp undiscovered
The Cardsharp discovered.​​
Dai Vernon "The Professor"

Canada's greatest ever Card Magician and innovator.
Rubik's Cubed

An ongoing challenge
Stop and ...... know the rest.
They had their secrets.
Want to know some?
Come to my shows
"Thunderbolts & Lightning,
very, very frightening..."
(Even for Royalty)
and finally, a message endorsed by
Frank Trixx.